Established in November, 1983, GHC 9-1-1 is a separate governmental entity (a “body politic,” Chapter 772B, Texas Health and Safety Code). We are responsible for administering the 9-1-1 emergency communications and technology infrastructure for cities in and around Harris and Fort Bend Counties and some surrounding areas.

What We Do

Our mission is to ensure that anyone, at any time, using any device shall be able to reach emergency services. We strive to provide the most reliable, accurate, technologically advanced, and effective 9-1-1 system for our community.

  • Our services include
    • Deliver 9-1-1 emergency calls and location information to the emergency 9-1-1 call centers so they can dispatch emergency assistance and location information to (police, fire, or medical).
    • Provide and support the most advanced 9-1-1 technology
    • Manage redundant data centers
    • Maintain database and geographic information systems (GIS)
    • Provide 24/7 support of 9-1-1 systems
    • Share network infrastructure resources with various 9-1-1 entities to improve emergency communications
    • Monitor related legislation
    • Disseminate education to promote appropriate use of 9-1-1
    • Provide training to emergency telecommunicators, supervisors and trainers
    • Coordinate with jurisdictions, public safety agencies, and multiple wireline and wireless providers
    • Participate and collaborate with industry associations, industry partners and more.
What We Do
24/7 GHC 9-1-1 Network Operations Center