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9-1-1 Public Education Request

GHC 9-1-1 provides 9-1-1 public education materials all throughout its territory. These materials are designed and developed for various targeted audiences to insure that the community is aware of how to reach 9-1-1 for emergency services.


New Online Ordering Process

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We’ve now made it easier for you to request 9-1-1 education materials for your 9-1-1 community outreach events and presentations. This quick and easy method will allow you to order 9-1-1 literature and materials online with a few easy steps. It will also assist us with reporting of 9-1-1 public education efforts across the GHC 9-1-1 service area. After submitting your order, the following steps will occur:                                             

1. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you. (no need to reply or call GHC 9-1-1.)
2. A second email will be sent with your scheduled pick up date. After receiving this email, please call to confirm or reschedule.
3. An email reminder will be sent two days before your scheduled pick up date.

In order to submit a public education request, please register. After registering, you will be able to request the following:

1. 9-1-1 educational materials
2. Cell Phone Sally costume
3. Red E. Fox costume
4. 9-1-1 booth (Volunteers) for community events

A Few Tips About 9-1-1 Materials distributed by GHC 9-1-1

All public education materials distributed by GHC 9-1-1 are for the sole use of participants within the GHC 9-1-1 territory
A minimum of 1 week notice is requested.
Materials remaining 1 week after designated pick up time will be returned back to stock.
Due to the high volume of orders that GHC 9-1-1 fills, the quantity of materials distributed may be limited based on available supplies.


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