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Telecommunicator of the Year Winner:
Devon Jones and Lola Purvis

Houston Emergency Center

The Commission on State Emergency Communications recognized Devon Jones and Lola Purvis for exceptional handling of a 9-1-1 call while working as telecommunicators for the Houston Emergency Center. On June 16, 2010 police call taker Devon received a call at approximately 8:00 am from a wireless Phase II cell phone. The caller’s voice came in muffled and unclear. CT Devon listened carefully to make out what the caller was saying but relied heavily on his resources to determine an emergency location. The original location that was used was based on what he thought the caller was saying and he compared to where the cell tower was plotting the call on the map. After asking a few questions, CT Jones created a

police event as a hostage situation. The victim’s mouth was stuffed with a foreign object, making it very difficult for CT Jones to understand the caller. CT Jones could hear the caller making a choking / gagging sound and decided to reach out to Fire/EMS for additional assistance. On that day, Senior Fire/EMS Call Taker Lola Purvis answered the incoming call and was immediately given the location and a very brief synopsis by CT Jones. Within seconds Senior Fire/EMS CT Purvis created an event to dispatch EMS and began providing the victim with instructions to follow until emergency personnel arrived. It was then that Senior Fire/EMS CT Purvis realized that something wasn’t right. Although an emergency location was given, CT Purvis knew that the sounds she was hearing from the caller indicated that the location emergency units were going to were incorrect. Without further delay, Fire/EMS CT Purvis keyed back in on the location with the victim. Using one of the oldest but finest techniques, she instructed the victim to listen for her to call one number at a time to determine the physical address. The victim was to say yes when she called out the first number of the address and then move on to the second number of the address and so on until the address was complete. With perseverance and determination, CT Jones searched location history and found an address just around the corner that came in the day prior from the same wireless cell number that the caller was coming from and expeditiously advised Fire/EMS CT Purvis of his findings. She in turn advised all emergency units to check the location. It was within minutes that emergency units were able to make contact with the victim because of the new findings. Both CT’s displayed their commitment to respond to the caller’s cry for help. Throughout the call, Fire/EMS,  CT Purvis reassured the caller by informing her that help was on the way and that she would stay on the line with her; additionally, she took control of the call and constantly displayed her concerned for the safety of the patient/victim. CT Jones was quick on his toes by creatively searching for another avenue to locate the victim. Without any doubt, both CT’s listened attentively to make out what the victim was attempting to communicate. The caller was a victim of a former boyfriend who had tied her up by knife point, stuffed her mouth with a sock and robbed her. Police were able to apprehend the suspect and save the victim from further distress because of the collaboration of these two fine telecommunicators.

Houston Emergency Center Telecommunicator of the Year Honorees Devon Jones and Lola Purvis pictured with their Supervisor who nominated them, Larnetta Brown
Houston Emergency Center Telecommunicator of the Year Honorees Devon Jones and Lola Purvis pictured with their Supervisor who nominated them, Larnetta Brown


2010 Telecommunicator of the Year Winners:
Daneille Grunden
LaKesha Hammonds
Keturah Nelms
Devon Jones and Lola Purvis

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