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Call Taker Corner

In Our Thoughts . . .

CyFair VFD Telecommunicator Matthew Cline (Matt) who was recognized as a 2010 Telecommunicator of the Year, was deployed to Afghanistan in October, 2010. Recently, Matt suffered a head injury from an IED explosion. Please keep Matt and his family in your thoughts. Below is information about what occurred with Matt and his crew and information about where to send cards of encouragement.

On May 28th, around 1800(AFG)-{0830 US} Cpl Matt Cline’s squad was returning from an afternoon mission when his crew’s truck ran over a pressure plate. His front left tire activated the explosion. When the IED was emplaced, the insurgents offset the 130lb charge so that it would have positive actions on target. The charge detonated directly under the rear axle of the vehicle.

Matt Cline

The vehicle was then flipped from one end to the other and landed upside down. Cpl Cline and his crew were eventually afforded the ability to evacuate the truck. The entire crew was pulled to safety. Cpl Cline and his crew were taken into the STP (Shock Trauma Platoon) where they were stabilized and packaged for transport to a larger Med center. After they were stable and in beds at Camp Dwyer, AFG, they evacuated the rest of his crew for further treatment in Germany; leaving behind Cpl Cline and his Driver.

Cpl Cline and all of his crew received blunt force trauma to the head and sustained concussions in addition to other injuries; however Cpl. Cline and his Driver were the luckiest two of his crew. It is undecided when he will return to duty. Cpl. Cline is concerned about his crew members and asks for prayers they all have a rapid and full recovery. He says he can’t wait to get back and his boys and soon looking forward to being back in the Blessed Republic of Texas...HOME SWEET HOME!

Cpl Cline has returned stateside, to Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas and is receiving care at Brooks Medical Center.  He and his team are together and relying on support of each other, family, and of course the extended family that has come to show tremendous support. We look forward to keeping you posted on his improvement.

If you wish to send cards, words or items of support/encouragement his mailing address is:
Cpl Matthew Cline
3851 Roger Brooke DR
Dept 81
Fort Sam Houston TX 78234-6200

If anyone is interested in sending gifts of support, they would appreciate gift cards to local restaurants as they have access to hospital cafeteria only and they enjoy getting away from the hospital and eating together.

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